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Drapery Panels

What Drapery Panel Styles Do You Offer?

How Do I Measure The Window Opening For Drapery Panels?

Can I Choose Different Fullness?

Can I Upgrade To A Larger Header?

Can I Choose How The Drapery Opens?

What Is The Maximum Track Width I Can Order?

Can I Include Returns To The Wall?

What Is The Maximum Height I Can Make Panels?

What Lining Options Do You Have?

Is Drapery Hardware Included In The Price?

Roman Blinds

What Type Of Roman Styles Do You Offer?

I'm Installing An Inside Mount, How Much Do I Deduct?

What Is The Maximum Width I Can Order A Roman?

What Operating Systems Are Available For Roman Blinds?

Can I Choose Which Side The Controls Are On?

What Bracket Options Do You Offer?


Do You Offer Cut Yardage?


What Other Accessories Do You Offer?

What Lengths Do Your Tiebacks Come In?

What Size Do Your Pillows Come?


Do You Offer Any Motorization?

What Power Does Your System Use?

What Control Options Are Available?


Sampling Policy

What sampling do you offer?

Product Care And Safety

Product Care

There Are Creases In The Fabric When I Take It Out Of The Box

Can I Wash My Drapery Panels?

How Often Should I Clean My Window Treatments?

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